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Great Solutions And Special Offers To Manage Your Business From Home  

Working From Home! Here’s How

Because of COVID-19, we know that customers will start to use specific solutions to support their sudden move to a largely remote workforce. 

FORTE CLOUD is dedicated to supporting customers and partner's initiative to combat the Corona Virus Epidemic through collaboration solutions with AWS.  

As the leading AWS Advanced Consulting Partner in MENA, and In cooperation with Amazon Web Services (AWS) we are happy to provide our customers and partners with Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon WorkDocs and other services that help them to assist users to connect remotely from home with high performance and a high level of security.

Desktop as a Service

Application streaming

Secure mobile access

File storage and collaboration 

Online Meeting and video conferencing

Solution Benefits

  • WorkSpaces and WorkDocs provide remote workers the ability to securely use the applications they need while collaborating on documents with their colleagues around the world.

  • Amazon WorkSpaces provides users with either Windows or Linux desktop in just a few minutes and can quickly scale to provide thousands of desktops to workers across the globe.

  • With Amazon WorkDocs, users can easily create, edit, and share the documents they need to get their job done.

  • Both services can run almost anywhere and on almost any device, including on a home PC, laptop, and tablet.

  • This combination of functionality is the reason many companies frequently use them in work from home scenarios.

  • No additional fees on AWS Active directory for using Workspace or Workdocs or WorkMail.

Solution Offers  

  • Amazon WorkSpaces / WorkDocs: Up to 50 users at no charge.

  • Amazon AppStream: 40 hours per month use of the stream.standard.large instance type when using Image Builder

  • Amazon Chime: free use of all Amazon Chime Pro features for online meetings and video conferencing for new customers.

  • Amazon WorkMail: 1 month free for up to 25 users

Amazon WorkSpaces
A cloud desktop workers can access anywhere, anytime, from any supported device.


Amazon WorkDocs
A content creation, file collaboration, and management service, with an extensible SDK.


Amazon AppStream 2.0  
An application streaming service that provides users instant access to desktop applications from any computer, anywhere, at any time.


Amazon Chime
Amazon Chime is a pay-as-you-go communications service with no upfront fees, commitments, or long-term contracts.


Amazon WorkMail 
Amazon WorkMail is a secure, managed business email and calendar service with support for existing desktop and mobile email.


Amazon WorkLink
A service that provides your employees secure, one-click access to your internal corporate websites and web apps using their mobile phone.


                              Terms and Conditions:

                              • WorkSpaces offer is available beginning on April 1st till June 30, 2020.

                              • WorkDocs offer available till Jun 30, 2020.

                              • Offers for new WorkSpaces and WorkDocs customers only for up to 50 users at no charge.

                              • Amazon WorkSpaces including only Standard, Value, and Performance bundle.  

                              • You will not be eligible for this offer if you or your entity create(s) more than one AWS account to receive additional benefits under this offer.

                              • You will be charged standard rates for use of Amazon WorkDocs if AWS determines that you are not eligible for this offer.

                              • AWS may terminate or change this offer at any time.

                              • You may not use Amazon WorkDocs under this offer to mine for cryptocurrency. If you use Amazon WorkDocs under this offer to mine for cryptocurrency, AWS may charge you standard rates for your use of Amazon WorkDocs, and AWS may suspend your right to access or use any portion or all of the Service Offerings.

                              • FORTE CLOUD offers only cover selected services with a minimum of 20 users.

                              • FORTE CLOUD may cancel or change this offer at any time.

                              • FORTE CLOUD offers available till April 30, 2020.