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Avoid risks, Reduce costs, Improve cloud performance.

Avoiding risks, reducing costs, and improving cloud performance requires in-depth knowledge. Otherwise, changes to cloud services and your consumption model can deviate from the best plans in place. Therefore the challenge is that most organizations simply lack the time and expertise to fully manage and improve AWS investments.

FORTE CLOUD’s Managed Services (FMS) can address these challenges head-on. We combine dedicated AWS support, including monitoring and live 8x5 access to certified cloud professionals team to keep you running smoothly. We also provide access to unlimited mentorship to grow your team’s cloud proficiency. Our flexible approach helps you eliminate common cloud management problems, so you can focus on moving your business forward.

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    Overview of FORTE CLOUD Managed Services (FMS)

    FMS  is a set of services and tools that automate infrastructure management tasks for Amazon Web Services (AWS) deployments. The service is aimed for companies they want simplified ways to migrate on-premises workloads to the public cloud and then manage those workloads after migration.


    • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

    • Automate Cloud Management Tasks.

    • Patches & Changes Management.

    • Infrastructure Provisioning.

    • User Access Management.

    • Incident Monitoring. 

    • Backup & Restore. 

    • Automation and Operations.

    • Focus on Your Business Innovations.

    FORTE CLOUD Managed Services for SAP on AWS

    Leverage the experience and expertise of FORTE CLOUD to migrate/implement, manage, and operate your SAP environment on AWS allows you to achieve faster time to value, minimize the cost of running and maximize the benefits of running SAP solutions on AWS. 

    • Migration of existing SAP environments or systems to AWS.

    • Deployment of new SAP environments or systems on AWS.

    • AWS account and resource administration.

    • Operating System administration and patching.

    • AWS and SAP monitoring.

    • AWS and SAP security.

    • AWS EC2 and SAP High-Availability.

    • Backup and recovery services.

    • SAP BASIS / NetWeaver Administration.

    • SAP patching and upgrades.

    • AWS and SAP performance tuning.

    FORTE CLOUD Managed Services Design & Responsibility Model.

    FORTE CLOUD Support Services 

    FORTE CLOUD's dedicated Cloud support team develops a close working relationship with customers to acquire insights about their cloud landscape and technical issues to provide the best practices and proper assistance.  We offer several support packages to meet the specific service needs of diverse domains.

    • Cloud Environment Managed Services.

    • Monitoring services for Network & Security Management.

    • Infrastructure component On-demand Management.

    • 24/7 Operation Service Management.

    Featured services and solutions for Managed and Support Services

    Cloud Assessment

    Cloud Assessment services for cloud environment  help organizations develop efficient and effective plans for their cloud adoption journey. The guidance and best practices provided by AWS can help you build a comprehensive approach to cloud computing across your organization, and throughout your IT life cycle.


    Services to test migrating or installing a multi-solution for critical applications environment or any workloads that need flexibility of resources.

    Support Services

    Forte Cloud Support Services can provide timely assistance to the customers through its highly-skilled tech-professionals who immediately respond and provide resolution to problems in order to quickly mitigate issues.

    Partner Solutions

    Software Solutions for SAP on AWS are solutions sold by APN Partners and delivered through FORTE CLOUD for the integration, migration, implementation, or operation of SAP solutions on the AWS Cloud.

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