Connect Billions of Devices and Process Trillions of Messages with the AWS Internet of Things (IoT)

Simply and securely deploy, manage, and scale IoT solutions on the AWS Cloud

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming businesses in unprecedented ways, such as optimizing and improving current and new business processes, offering differentiated customer service levels to their clients, and helping to unlock new sources of revenue. As embedded internet connectivity continues to become more pervasive across all devices, the applications for this technology are broader than ever before. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a secure and easy-to-manage platform for IoT deployments so you can take advantage of the benefits of the cloud and at the edge.



What Is AWS IoT?

AWS IoT is a managed cloud service that makes it simple to securely connect edge devices to the cloud. With AWS IoT, it’s easy to use other AWS services like AWS Lambda, AWS Greengrass, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Machine Learning to build IoT applications that gather, process, analyze, and act on data generated by connected devices at a global scale, without having to manage any infrastructure. Whether you’re looking to make existing devices smart or build a new IoT solution from the ground up, AWS and FORTE CLOUD can help.

Why choose AWS and FORTE CLOUD for IoT deployments?

Easy Deploy and Manage

  • Get started quickly without complex backend infrastructure.

  • Use MQTT, HTTP 1.1, and WebSockets, and proprietary/legacy protocols.

  • Move quickly from ideation to production.


  • Use mutual authentication to ensure that AWS IoT and your devices can confirm each other’s identities.

  • Encrypt all data with TLS 1.2, which is available in a variety of programming languages and operating systems.

  • AWS Greengrass authenticates and encrypts device data. Data is never exchanged between devices and the cloud without a proven identity.


  • Start with minimal upfront investment and

    easily add new devices as you go.

  • Increase throughput as needed to operate

    with low latency.

  • Reliably scale to billions of devices and

    trillions of messages.

AWS IoT Services

AWS IoT offers tool software program, manage services, and data services. device software enables you to safely connect devices, acquire information, and take smart actions domestically, even when internet connectivity is not available. Connectivity & control services permit you to control, manage, and secure massive and various device fleets. Analytics services assist you to extract costs from IoT data.

Device Software

Connect your devices and operate them at the edge.

Connectivity & Control Services

Secure, control, and manage your devices from the cloud.

Analytics Services

Work with IoT data faster to extract value from your IoT data.

AWS IoT Solutions


AWS IoT customers are building industrial IoT applications for predictive high-quality and renovation and to remotely monitor operations.

Connected Home

AWS IoT customers are building connected home applications for home automation, home protection and tracking, and home networking.


AWS IoT clients are building commercial applications for visitors monitoring, public protection, and health tracking.

What are some of the features provided by AWS IoT?

AWS IoT Management Console
The AWS IoT Management Console is a simple, intuitive, web-based user interface for managing your AWS IoT resources.

AWS Software Development Kits (SDKs)
Software Development Kits provided by AWS help take the complexity out of coding your custom IoT applications by leveraging pre-built Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for AWS services.

AWS IoT Device SDKs
AWS IoT Device Software Development Kits are designed specifically to help make it easier for you to securely connect your edge devices to AWS using the AWS IoT Device Gateway and device shadows (JSON documents used to store and retrieve current state information for a device connected to the IoT).

AWS IoT Starter Kits
AWS Starter Kits are physical kits that have been developed to help you expedite cloud-powered development of Internet of Things devices for AWS IoT.

AWS IoT for Predictive Maintenance

Manufacturers are implementing predictive maintenance solutions so they can know ahead of time when a machine is about to fail to avoid costly breakdowns and stymied productivity. Manufacturers can connect equipment and use machine learning to consistently monitor factors like machine performance, vibrations, and temperature. Through real-time insights, predictive maintenance solutions are becoming more capable of assessing the state of a machine, anticipating further disrepair, and prescribing maintenance instructions.


  1. Reduce maintenance costs and prevent unplanned downtime.

  2. Scale with on-demand computing, pay as you go.

  3. Innovate faster with a broad set of AWS services and a comprehensive partner community.

If you are ready to start your IoT journey, FORTE CLOUD can help you get started.